Sustainable Agriculture

Borregaard is the world’s leading producer of sustainable lignin-based biopolymers, microfibrillar cellulose (MFC) and vanillin. Our environmentally friendly products can be used in a range of agricultural applications, including crop protection, plant nutrition, biocontrol and seed coating. They help farmers produce more food with less inputs.

Lignosulfonates for Agriculture

Our lignosulfonates, Exilva® MFC products and wood-based EuroVanillin® Supreme are derived from sustainably managed forests. Most of our products are suitable for organic farming and represent sustainable alternatives to synthetic polymers.

What we offer:

  • Better nutrient use efficiency
  • More sustainable solutions for crop protection and plant nutrition products
  • Bio-based raw materials that do not compete with food production

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

We offer independently verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our liquid and powder lignosulfonates from our plants in Norway and USA. You can find them for download here.

Documented Low Footprints through Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs)

Independent, third party Life Cycle Assessments, in which some of Borregaard’s products were compared with competing synthetic alternatives, confirm that our products provide better environmental performance than the alternatives in almost all environmental categories.

Supporting the United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals

Borregaard's bio-based solutions for agriculture support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals numbers 2 and 13; 'Zero hunger' and 'Climate action'. We help farmers produce more food by using efficient, environmentally friendly products and solutions that have a lower carbon footprint than synthetic alternatives. This, in turn, contributes to more sustainable agriculture.

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