Green Coated Grass Seeds

Seed Coating Additives

Borregaard’s sustainable lignosulfonates and microfibrillar cellulose (MFC) can be used to coat, pellet and encrust seeds and will help reduce dust-off of key agrochemical and biological ingredients.

Seed coatings require minimal dust-off and good flowability and plantability of the coated seed. For an efficient sowing process using mechanical planting equipment, seeds need to be of uniform size and have sufficient weight and a smooth surface. To achieve this, seeds are film-coated, pelleted, or encrusted. This results in a larger seed surface, and the coating provides a means of including crop protection products, nutrients and biologicals.

Our lignin-based biopolymers add needed strength to pelleted and encrusted seeds and improve flowability from the seed treatment facility to planting.

Our microfibrillated cellulose Exilva® is a multifunctional bio-based additive that can be used in many agricultural formulations. In film-coated seeds it acts as an anti-settling additive and germination enhancer.

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