Borregaard offer bio-based dispersants, rheology modifiers, UV-protectors and binders as sustainable co-formulants for biocontrol.

We have been developing sustainable ingredients for crop protection and biocontrol for more than 50 years. Our co-formulants for biological control products contribute to improved dispersibility, suspensibility, stability and shelf-life. In addition, they help keep formulation properties when mixed with hard water, adjuvants or fertilizers and reduce the risk of residues blocking nozzles during spraying.

Vanisperse® CB is a unique lignin-based dispersant providing additional UV protection for light-sensitive ingredients. It helps protect active ingredients and maintain good properties for liquid and dry formulations.

Exilva®, our microfibrillar cellulose, is an electrolyte tolerant rheology modifier providing anti-settling and stability to water and solvent-based formulations. It is microbiologically stable and performs in a wide pH range.

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