Greensperse S9 performance in WG and SC formulations

Demonstrations at our laboratory showcase examples of benefits using Greensperse® S9 in water-dispersible granules (WG) and suspension concentrates (SC) under high electrolyte conditions.

Results show that Greensperse S9 has superior tolerance to high electrolyte environments. Its binding and dispersing abilities are well maintained under challenging conditions, which makes it a good choice of dispersant for formulations with high salt concentration or when increased compatibility in tank mixes is needed.


Key takeaways:

  • Supreme compatibility in different fertilizer salts
  • Better dispersibility in electrolytes than a standard lignosulfonate and a sodium naphthalene
  • Greensperse S9 is bio-based, high-performing and cost-effective


Dispersibility of 75 % Thifensulfuron WG in water, containing 20 g/l of electrolytes.

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