Performance of Ufoxane 3A in WG formulations

Demonstrations at our laboratory showcase the benefits of using Ufoxane® 3A as a co-formulant for single- and multi-active water dispersible granules (WG). Tests with different multi-active combinations demonstrate the ability of Ufoxane 3A to produce excellent quality extruded and spray dried granules.

Results show that Ufoxane 3A delivers superior performance with the correct balance of dispersant concentration, type and amount of wetting agent and, if needed, a disintegration agent.


Key takeaways:

  • Effective performance in multi-active compositions
  • Better dispersibility and higher suspensibility
  • Better extrusion capacity and robustness


Multi-active granules containing Mancozeb (75%), azoxystrobin (5%) and tebuconazole (5%) was produced using a basket extruder.

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