Complexing agent

Marasperse® AG is a unique lignosulfonate that offers superior performance as a complexing agent for micronutrients.

The product is sustainable, easy to use, and produces stable metal complexes over a wide pH range, delivering high-quality liquid micronutrient fertilizers. Marasperse AG can be used to replace synthetic chelating agents.

A sustainable alternative to synthetic chelating agents

Marasperse AG is based on wood derived from sustainably managed forests. It is environmentally friendly and meets all the requirements of sustainable agriculture and organic farming. The product is approved as a complexing agent for micronutrients in most countries and is OMRI-listed

A life cycle analysis (LCA) on Marasperse AG and EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) conducted by NORSUS, concluded that Marasperse AG is the more sustainable alternative.

Easy to use complexing agent

Marasperse AG can be applied via foliar, fertigation or soil dressing. It biodegrades slowly but steadily via soil microbial activity, contributing to natural soil cycles and mechanisms. The product also provides a source of soluble organic carbon and soluble sulfur, necessary requirements for healthy crops, turf and ornamentals.

Avoiding Leaf Scorching and Enhancing Crop Yield

Marasperse AG is suitable for micronutrient complexed solutions. The soluble metal content it can complex is above the required limits in the EU Fertilising Products Regulation, and its metal complexing rate is in line with the same regulation.

Formulating micronutrient fertilizers with Marasperse AG will ensure proper nutrient availability for plant uptake. As a result, Marasperse AG improves micronutrient use efficiency by the plant, which frequently translates to crop yield increase.

When used via foliar application, Marasperse AG helps avoid leaf scorching even under dry conditions. It ensures proper leaf levels of trace elements like iron, copper, manganese or zinc all season long, providing a stable and constant release of complexed micronutrients to the leaves.

Benefits offered:

  • High micronutrient content in formulations
  • Less dosage required to achieve targeted complexing rate
  • No leaf scorching
  • Long-lasting effect with foliar application
  • OMRI listed
  • Support growers to reduce CO2 emissions

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