Marasperse AG improves foliar nutrient uptake

In addition to its complexing capacity, Marasperse® AG offers other functionalities that are key to ensuring proper micronutrient foliar uptake and understanding its superior performance in the field.

Marasperse AG is a lignin-based biopolymer with natural surface-active tension properties, which provide a good distribution of the micronutrient over the leaf surface without the need for additional adjuvants.


Marasperse AG reduces surface tension of the foliar spray.


In foliar nutrition, the key is to keep the nutrient in a water-soluble form to ensure diffusion, leaf penetration and prevent crystallisation or precipitation, which can lead to leaf scorching.

Marasperse AG is a hygroscopic biopolymer. It helps keep nutrients in a water-soluble form so that they can diffuse and penetrate into the leaves, even in low humidity environments.


A zinc (Zn) sulfate spray residue remains dry in a low humidity environment (33% RH) while Zn sulfate formulated with Marasperse AG is able to capture humidity from the air and remain moist and active for foliar uptake.

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