Marasperse AG increases foliar nutrient uptake in tangerines

Field demonstrations with Marasperse AG on tangerine trees show increased uptake of nutrients and a higher yield compared to simple metal salts and chelated micronutrients.

This work was conducted at Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) in Deltebre, Spain. The tangerine variety ‘De Nules Clementine’ was used. Two foliar treatments of 0.35 kg/ha Zn and Mn were applied in periods of maximum vegetative growth to prevent micronutrient deficiencies during the season. Yield and foliar levels of Zn and Mn were recorded during the trial to assess the agronomic efficiency of different micronutrient sources (EDTA, sulphates and Marasperse AG). Results were compared with an untreated control.

Key takeaways:

  • 16% higher yield per clementine tree with Marasperse AG
  • Long-lasting availability of micronutrients
  • Stable and continuous release of complexed micronutrients to the leaves over time



Average tangerine yield with different trace element sources.



Iron foliar level in tangerine leaves achieved with Marasperse AG compared to EDTA and control.

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