Marasperse AG complexing mechanisms for foliar uptake

Marasperse® AG has superior complexing properties that are key to ensuring proper micronutrient uptake and understanding its superior performance in the field.

Marasperse AG protects micronutrient metal salts from precipitation in adverse pH, soil or water conditions via activation of several different binding sites with chemical affinity for metal salts like iron, copper, manganese and zinc. See illustration:


It has better tolerance to high metal concentrations than other lignosulfonate-based products, enabling the formulator to produce high metal content solutions (Zn and Mn) without reducing the metal complexing rate. Micronutrient solutions formulated with Marasperse AG are clean in appearance with excellent storage stability, good freeze-thaw properties and low solution viscosities.


Trace elements: Marasperse AG vs standard lignosulfonates (Borregaard laboratory data).

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