Guaiacol vanillin alternatives

Launched in 2005, EuroVanillin® Plus is Borregaard's product range for replacing oil-based guaiacol vanillin 1:1. Our goal, to create cost-effective alternatives not compromising on intensity or flavour.

EuroVanillin Plus benefits:

  • High cost-efficiency
  • Smooth, creamy flavour
  • Stable product quality
  • A range of products to optimise your particular application
  • Predictable pricing
  • Stable supply
  • Easy mixing with other dry components
  • Produced by a strong and innovative supplier

Borregaard is a world-leading supplier of vanillin and vanillin blends for the food industry. Since 1962 we have been supplying the world with vanillin from wood, both as a stand-alone product but also as the cornerstone of all our offerings in the Plus range.

Food safety and public health are critical for our customers. We take pride in delivering only the safest products to the market through strict controls and applying to the food ingredient business's highest standards.

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EuroVanillin PLUS product range

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