EuroVanillin Plus

Our vanillin creation based on Borregaard’s EuroVanillin® Supreme. It is made from natural raw materials and resembles the taste profile of EuroVanillin Supreme.

The EuroVanillin Plus taste profile is pure, smooth and creamy vanilla with an intensity of 1.0 compared to oil-based guaiacol vanillin. 


Aroma and intensity profile

EuroVanillin Plus compared to oil-based vanillin


EuroVanillin Plus replaces oil-based guaiacol vanillin 1:1.

To be added with other dry components.



When not intended for sale to the final consumer, this product shall be labelled as "flavouring", or a more specific name or description of the flavouring, e.g., "vanillin" according to Regulation (EC) No 1334/2008.


The product shall be labelled as "vanillin" or "artificial vanillin flavour" when shipped to a food manufacturer or processor (but not a consumer) for use in the manufacture of a fabricated food, according to CFR101.22(g).

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