Vanisperse LI

For more than 50 years, Borregaard’s Vanisperse® products have been key in ensuring optimal performance of lead batteries worldwide.

Our latest addition to the Vanisperse family, Vanisperse LI, has been designed to provide improved capacity and lifetime of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. A powerful dispersant for carbon materials, Vanisperse LI offers the possibility to optimise electrode slurries used in Li-ion battery manufacturing.

Vanisperse LI is a strong dispersant for carbon black, graphite and graphene in water-based electrode slurries. When incorporated, it results in a lower slurry viscosity enabling easier handling and processing during electrode manufacturing. The improved dispersion also results in more uniform distribution of the conductive additives and active material improving electrode conductivity, and thereby, resulting in increased capacity and battery life.

Vanisperse LI is especially efficient in Lithium-Silicon anode formulations, where working synergistically with CMC as part of the binder formulation allows for better electrode expansion–contraction with lithiation.

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