Lithium-ion battery additives

For more than 50 years, Borregaard has been a leading supplier of additives to the lead battery industry. Our Vanisperse® organic expanders are widely recognised as the industry standard.

Having delivered innovative solutions for lead battery systems for decades, we have now focused our knowledge and expertise towards today’s most rapidly growing energy storage technology: lithium-ion batteries.

Due to their high energy density, long life and light weight, lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries have become the main battery technology for portable applications such as mobile phones and laptops, as well as for electric vehicles.

However, with increased demands in performance, safety and sustainability, the battery industry is forced to continually search for new solutions which can help realise thinner, lighter and safer Li-ion batteries with increased lifetime.

Borregaard offers sustainable additives based on Norway Spruce which improve the capacity, cycle life and safety of Li-ion batteries, as well as reduce the environmental burden of their production and disposal/recycling.

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