Exilva F

Borregaard’s Exilva® F is a microfibrillated cellulose, produced from Norway Spruce. It possesses high surface area, superior salt tolerance and solvent compatibility, low conductivity, high temperature and pH stability and extraordinary film-strength. Formulating with Exilva F brings a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of improving the performance and safety of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

Exilva F is used as a strengthening aid for improving the temperature resistance of separators as well as a functional additive for reducing the swelling of the electrode and separator. The high compatibility of Exilva allows it to be used in solvent based, as well as water-based emulsions of PVDF.

The unique rheological properties of Exilva increase the robustness of water-based Li-ion battery binder slurries. The high yield stress of Exilva ensures good stability of the powdery metal oxide materials in the binder slurry. The extreme shear thinning of Exilva allows for good and controlled aqueous casting of the slurries. In addition to rheology control, Exilva reduces the mud-cracking tendency of the drying film.

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