PellTech® is a truly unique pelleting aid. This combined binder and die lubricant is ideal for formulations that are difficult to pellet, or when pelleting conditions (e.g., poor moisture adsorption) are unfavourable. PellTech can also be used for pelleting of wood and other types of biomass.

PellTech is a sustainable, lignin-based product that has been specially enhanced to make it more effective as a processing aid. It acts as a combined pellet binder and lubricating aid and will increase your production rate and pellet durability simultaneously, resulting in more pellets and improved quality.

Certain feed ingredients cause the mill to run hard, not accept target temperature, and force a reduction in throughput. These include dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS), cassava, whey, lactose, new corn, high mineral or fibre levels, etc.

At typical inclusion rates of 0.25% to 0.75%, PellTech can allow your mill to run hotter, faster, and with better pellet quality.

PellTech offers compound feed producers a range of potential benefits:

  • Get more out of existing set up
  • Expansion without additional investment
  • Enables cheaper but harder formulations
  • Same output with fewer mill operation hours
  • Product mix optimisation
  • Better quality/service lead to improved price/market share

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