Field Trial: PellTech improving shrimp feed production rate

This pelleting trial on shrimp feed from South Asia shows how PellTech® increased production rate, reduced energy requirement and improved pellet quality. 

The field trial comprised a control run of two tonnes of standard shrimp formulation with no PellTech followed by two tons with 0,2% PellTech, then two tonnes with 0,4% PellTech. All three treatments contained the same level of aquaculture binder.

Key takeaways:

  • Production rate improved by 35% with the addition of 0.4% PellTech. The additional tonnage was produced virtually free of energy costs.
  • The production rate was increased by 25% when 0.2% of PellTech was applied. There was a corresponding decrease in power required by the pellet mill of 12%. However, pellet mill amperage did increase somewhat.

Improvement in production rate with the addition of 0.4% PellTech

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