Steam Generation

Steam generation in low and medium pressure boilers

Borregaard's lignin-based biopolymers are specifically developed for boiler water treatment. They prevent, inhibit and disperse deposits in boiler tubes, injectors, feed lines and economisers.

Our lignosulfonates hold in suspension the carbonate, iron oxides and phosphate sludges formed in the reaction between water hardness, treating chemicals and corrosion products. Sludges do not adhere to the metal surfaces but are kept in the boiler water, where they can be blown down. They function by conditioning the sludge, thereby causing it to become considerably softer. The eventual formation of hard scale, which causes typically poor heat transfer, is minimised significantly.

Borregaard's products also provide some protection against oxygen corrosion. They act not only as mild oxygen scavengers but also have film-forming ability. In addition, they possess complexing properties and will deactivate metallic ions to some degree.

Our biopolymers offer advantages, such as:

  • Cost-effective performance
  • Functional over a broad range of pH, temperature and electrolyte level
  • Environmental advantages and low carbon footprint
  • Compatibility with other formulation additives like polycarboxylates, HEDP, sodium citrate, gluconates, EDTA, NTA, triethanolamine and others

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