Sludge dispersion

Pionera® dispersants can out-perform polyacrylate in dispersing many common contaminants (rust, clay, soot, oil, etc.) in cooling circuits.

Dispersion improves cleaning by keeping particles suspended in water and preventing their redeposition onto surfaces.

In the laboratory, a dilute dispersion of ferric oxide (0.1g in 50mL) and kaolin (1g in 50 ml) was prepared with dispersants dosed at 0.01% - 0.03% (weight dispersant per weight particle solids). The benchmark polyacrylate (PA) had a molecular weight of 5000 Da. The measurements were made at pH 8.5.

Key takeaways:

  • Better dispersion performance of Pionera biopolymers compared to petrochemical-based polyacrylate.
  • Our biopolymers prove to be a bio-based, sustainable alternative in water treatment formulations.

Rust dispersion strength of different dispersants.

Clay dispersion strength of different dispersants.

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