Cooling Tower

Industrial cooling circuits

Borregaard provides sustainable and renewable lignin-based biopolymers to improve water treatment formulations for industrial cooling circuits.

Our lignosulfonates are excellent dispersants, useful in the control of suspended matter and iron fouling. They are also effective at inhibiting scale growth on surfaces. Our biopolymers are sustainable alternatives to petrochemical based dispersants commonly used in water treatment formulations.


Our lignosulfonates are excellent scale conditioning and dispersing agents. They reduce calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate scale precipitation on surfaces through crystal growth modification and dispersion. They work well with common scale threshold inhibitors.​

Sludge and rust dispersion

Our products improve the dispersion of process water contaminants. They limit the deposition of organic material like greases, oils and biofilms and inorganic particles like scale minerals, iron oxide and clays.

Biofilm treatment

Our bio-based additives are effective biofilm dispersing agents. Due to their surfactant properties, they limit the build-up of biofilm on surfaces. Amphiphilic biopolymers interact with the biofilm to break it up, release it from surfaces and disperse it.

Our products offer advantages, such as:

  • Cost-effective performance
  • Functional over a broad range of pH, temperature and electrolyte levels
  • Environmental advantages and low carbon footprint
  • Compatibility with other formulation additives like polycarboxylates, HEDP, sodium citrate, gluconates, EDTA, NTA, triethanolamine and others.

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