Laboratory work with bacteria growth on steel coupon

Pionera® biopolymers help break up and disperse biofilms.

Laboratory work was performed with a staphylococcus simulans strain from a meat factory isolated after cleaning. Bacterial cultures were grown overnight in tryptone soya medium (TSB) at 30°C. Test coupons were placed in plastic tubes with 15 ml cleaning solutions (water or 0.4% Pionera biopolymer) and incubated at a rolling table. After a treatment time of 30 min, the coupons were analysed for biofilm.

Attachment to steel was measured both by surface coverage (microscopy) and colony-forming units. Colony-forming units were determined by removal of bacteria from the coupons using sonication and plate spreading. The plates were incubated at 25°C, and the number of colonies counted after 24 h

Key takeaways:

  • Rinsing efforts with Pionera biopolymer significantly reduce the bacteria film on steel coupon.
  • Resettlement of bacteria is delayed.
  • Pionera biopolymers are REACH exempt and environmentally friendly.
Rinsing Efforts With Biopolymer

80% improvement in bacterial removal with Pionera biopolymer in rinse solution.

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