In-house dynamic flow tests demonstrate that the dispersion ability of modern Pionera® biopolymers is equal to petrochemical based dispersants and superior to standard lignosulfonates.

Experimental conditions for the calcite scale dynamic flow test: 100x saturated solubility calcium carbonate, 50 ppm polymer inhibitor, 2h scale time, measured in weight of calcite scale deposited on glass surface.

Experimental conditions for the gypsum scale dynamic flow test: 1.2x saturated solubility calcium sulfate, 10 ppm polymer inhibitor, 8h scale time, using a temperature gradient on a copper pipe. The amount of scale was evaluated by weight and optically.

Key takeaways:

  • Similar scale growth on surfaces for biopolymers and petrochemical-based polyacrylate
  • Pionera biopolymers prove to be a bio-based, sustainable alternative
  • Modern Pionera biopolymers outperform other bio-based options

Inhibition of lime scale precipitate on glass surface.

Inhibition of gypsum scale on hot copper surface.

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