Pionera biopolymers demonstrate superior complexing capacity for iron

Laboratory work demonstrates superior complexing capacity for iron of Pionera® biopolymer compared with EDTA.

At pH 9 the amount of iron complexed by 100g of ligand was measured.

In addition, the ability to sequester zinc was tested at different pH values adding 100 ppm of Pionera biopolymer to phosphate-containing water. The sequestered zinc was measured after 4 days at 60°C with two different additions of phosphate and zinc:

  • Test A: 5ppm PO4 and 6.5 ppm Zn
  • Test B: 10 ppm PO4 and 9.8ppm Zn

Key takeaways:

  • High complexation and sequestering capacity
  • Outperforms EDTA at high pH

Maximum complexing capacity at pH 9.

Sequestered zinc after 4 days at 60°C.

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