High-Performing Elastomeric Coatings with Exilva Microfibrillated cellulose

Liquid applied elastomeric coatings play a vital role in various applications such as roof, waterproofing, and sound deadening coatings. These coatings, typically water-based and formulated with acrylics, serve to protect underlying materials from water damage, UV radiation, chemicals, and wear.

What are the challenges?

The formulation of elastomeric waterproofing coatings presents several challenges, including applicability, flow, levelling, sprayability, sagging, storage stability, mud cracking and water resistance. Traditional thickeners often struggle to address these issues effectively.

The bio-based solution

At Borregaard, we introduce a sustainable solution to these challenges through the addition of cellulose fibrils derived from Norway Spruce. Exilva significantly enhance stability, increase tensile strength without compromising elongation, and enables the application of thicker layers without sagging nor mud-cracking. Moreover, Exilva reduces water absorption of the coating, enhancing the overall performance of the coating.

Our products offer a range of benefits for you and your customers, including:

  • faster drying,
  • early rain resistance,
  • increased productivity with more square meters coated per day,
  • improved sprayability,
  • the convenience of applying a single thick coat instead of two layers,
  • elimination of synthetic fibers or mesh from the coating,
  • increased bio-based content and sustainability profile of your products.


1. Stability and applicability

Prevent settling, syneresis and sagging, and spray thicker films.

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2. Drying performance

Eliminate mud-cracking and get more done with faster drying.

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Blue elastomeric roof coating

3. Final properties

Improve adhesion on concrete and reduce water absorption.

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