Exilva Microfibrillated Cellulose

Borregaard’s Exilva® F is a microfibrillated cellulose produced from Norway Spruce. Exilva F is a bio-based and multifunctional product made of cellulose, consisting of fibres with lateral dimensions in the nanoscale and lengths up to micron scale. The main characteristic of this unique fibre structure is its resemblance to both water-soluble polymers and insoluble additives, leading to a versatile and efficient alternative to technologies currently available.

This unique product gives high viscosity at low shear securing good stability, and shows strong shear thinning enabling spraying. The relatively quick viscosity recovery of Exilva F prevents sagging, without sacrificing levelling of your coating. The high inertness, compatibility and chemical stability of Exilva F opens up new possibilities for waterborne paints and coatings, especially for the more demanding formulations.

Exilva can solve the common problems in waterborne coatings regarding, for example, mud-cracking, anti-sagging, open time and sprayability. Due to the unique features of Exilva F, it can be used as a multifunctional additive that may partly or wholly substitute several performance additives in coating, adhesive and sealant formulations.


Exilva F is stable in extreme environments such as low and high pH and has been shown to have a long shelf life without losing its enhancing properties. It disperses well in various solvent and waterborne systems and improves the rheological behaviour of the formulation (e.g. shear thinning). Besides its rheology enhancing properties, it stabilises the coating systems, preventing heavy fillers and pigments from sedimenting or the lightweight fillers from floating.

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Exilva F is a sustainable, VOC-free multifunctional additive that can not only replace synthetic additives in formulation but also contribute added value to the end products.

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