Blue elastomeric roof coating

Enhanced final properties of elastomeric coatings

The final properties of elastomeric coatings play a crucial role in determining their effectiveness and long-term performance. Exilva increases the tensile strength without compromising elongation, improves the adhesion on various materials, and reduces water absorption significantly without impacting the permeability.

Advantages and benefits:

  • Improved Tensile Strength: Exilva enhances the tensile strength of elastomeric coatings, ensuring robustness and durability in demanding environments.
  • Improved Adhesion: Exilva improves the adhesion of the coating to concrete, steel, and PU foam, enhancing better durability.
  • Reduced Water Absorption: Exilva significantly reduces water absorption of elastomeric coatings without impacting the permeability of the coating. 

Supportive technical data available upon request. 

Enhancements by Exilva

1. Stability and applicability

Prevent settling, syneresis and sagging, and spray thicker films.

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2. Drying performance

Eliminate mud-cracking and get more done with faster drying.

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Blue elastomeric roof coating

3. Final properties

Improve adhesion on concrete and reduce water absorption.

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