Enhanced Stability and Applicability of Elastomeric Coatings

Ensuring stability and ease of application are critical aspects of formulating high-quality elastomeric coatings. Exilva offers unique advantages in enhancing stability and applicability throughout the coating process.

Advantages and benefits:

  • Prevents Settling and Syneresis In-Can: Exilva prevents settling, floating and syneresis, ensuring uniform dispersion and consistency within the coating mixture, leading to enhanced shelf-life at any temperature.
  • Prevents Sagging: Exilva prevents sagging during application, due to the strong low shear thickening power. Exilva's unique thickening mechanism allows for good levelling, resulting in smoother and more consistent coating without compromising on thickness.
  • Improves Sprayability: The shear-thinning nature and lack of stringiness of Exilva results in excellent sprayability with lower pressure, enabling the use of airless spray with high throughput. Leading to higher productivity and more square meters coated per hour.
  • Allows Higher Wet Film Thickness: With Exilva, elastomeric coatings can be applied at higher wet film thicknesses in a single application, eliminating the need for multiple layers of coating. This will lead to improved productivity and savings in manpower.

Supportive technical data available upon request.

Enhancements by Exilva

1. Stability and applicability

Prevent settling, syneresis and sagging, and spray thicker films.

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2. Drying performance

Eliminate mud-cracking and get more done with faster drying.

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3. Final properties

Improve adhesion on concrete and reduce water absorption.

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