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Intact Aqua

Intact Aqua™ is a pelleting aid we have formulated for the shrimp feed industry.  The product combines the unique and complementary properties of two strong binding agents - lignosulfonate and PMC/UF*.

Intact Aqua enables you to sustainably reduce your consumption of PMC/UF binder without compromising on water stability. 

One of the main challenges for a shrimp feed producer is to reach the desired conditioning temperature, which is essential to fully utilise the binding properties of the natural components. Intact Aqua allows you to produce at a higher temperature (e.g., 105°C) without destroying valuable key nutrients and process equipment.

Intact Aqua also provides more stable operating conditions, with fewer blockages and more constant resistance in the die, which lead to less variation and reduced fines in the finished product. Other advantages you can expect include energy reduction and overall cost savings.

Intact Aqua offers a number of potential benefits to the shrimp feed producer:

  • Optimum water stability assured
  • Green/Sustainability effect: reduced use of PMC/UF binders
  • Enables reaching the desired conditioning temperature
  • Stable operating conditions
  • Lower energy consumption / higher production rate
  • Lower cost in use than synthetic binders
  • Source of natural antioxidant

Intact Aqua should be used at the same inclusion rate as pure PMC/UF binders.


*PMC = Polymethylolcarbamide. UF = Urea Formaldehyde

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