Soy Bean Crop Protection

SC and FS formulations

Borregaard’s lignosulfonates and microfibrillar cellulose are used as co-formulants for suspension and flowable concentrates, improving stability.

Our sustainable co-formulants help formulators obtain suspensions with high active loading, good suspensibility and long storage stability.

They can be used over a wide pH range, are salt-tolerant and compatible with most other co-formulants.

  • Ultrazine NA is a lignin-based dispersant for high active ingredient loading contributing to high suspensibility and long-term storage stability.

  • Greensperse® S9 is a lignin-based product that has a high electrolyte tolerance for formulations with high ionic strength. It can also be mixed with fertilizers.

  • Vanisperse® CB is a unique lignin-based dispersant for light-sensitive high solubility or low melting point active ingredients.

  • Greensperse® CA-N is a lignin-based binder for flowable concentrates used for seed treatment.

  • Exilva® microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) is an electrolyte tolerant rheology modifier that improves anti-settling properties in suspensions and concentrates. Exilva contributes to longer shelf-life and fertilizer compatibility.

  • EuroVanillin® Supreme is a building block for active ingredient synthesis and can be used as insect repellent or preservative.

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