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Oil-in-water and suspo-emulsions

Borregaard’s microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) product Exilva® is a sustainable stabiliser and structuring and anti-settling agent for oil-in-water and suspo-emulsions.

Emulsions require ingredients that are compatible with different oil types, have low levels of impurities and can provide longer stability to the formulation.

Exilva provides structure and stability to water in oil emulsions. 

The product is a bio-based and biodegradable rheology modifier with high electrolyte tolerance and pH compatibility. When used in SE and EW formulations, Exilva contributes to stable emulsions and improves anti-settling properties of suspended solids in suspo-emulsions. Exilva also contributes to compatible mixing into, or with liquid fertilizers avoiding gelling and precipitation while maintaining good product flow.

Exilva forms a robust non-soluble 3D network of cellulose fibrils in water-based and polar-solvent based formulations. Exilva provides high yield stress, high gel strength and high viscosity at rest with shear thinning behaviour.

Benefits of using Exilva in SE and EW formulations include improved formulation homogeneity and prolonged shelf-life.

Our lignin-based biopolymers, like Ultrazine NA, are efficient and sustainable emulsion stabilisers.

EuroVanillin® Supreme is used as a building block for active ingredient synthesis and as insect repellent or preservative.

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