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Capsule suspension (CS) formulations

Borregaard’s sustainable co-formulants help you obtain suspensions with high active loading, excellent suspensibility and long-term storage stability.

Our products can be used over a wide pH range, have high ionic strength and electrolyte tolerance and are compatible with most ingredients used in encapsulated formulations.

Our sustainable lignin-based products are efficient dispersants in capsule suspensions. They contribute to high suspensibility, long-term storage stability and can be used instead of synthetic surfactants.

Exilva® is a biodegradable rheology modifier and an efficient anti-settling agent contributing to prolongated product stability and shelf-life. The electrolyte tolerance of Exilva improves the compatibility of capsule suspensions with liquid fertilizers and nutrients, avoiding gelling or precipitation while maintaining good product flow.

EuroVanillin® Supreme is a building block for active ingredient synthesis and can be used as insect repellent or preservative.

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