Exilva in ASI Magazine (February 2022)

MFC shows excellent compatibility with high pH (> 12) waterborne polychloroprene dispersion systems. The high shear thinning enables spraying of the product, whereas the high viscosity at rest stabilizes the formulation during storage and transport.
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The new to the world solution in the corrugated packaging industry

The demand for speed and quality enhancement within the corrugation industry is increasing, and there is a strong trend to act on the consumers awareness by replacing substances of very high concern. Borregaard’s new Exilva® concepts has proven to deliver on both productivity and sustainability.
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PCI Magazine: The Impact of Insoluble Cellulose Fibrils

...on the Rheology of Water-Based Acrylic Satin Paint Upon Tinting.
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IPBI: 'Innovate for the greater good'

Another article talking about Exilva has been published to the International Paper Board Industry magazine. In the April issue, you can read more about how Exilva, as a radical innovation result, can help corrugators innovate for a greener future. Read the full article here.
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The H2020 Exilva Project Final Event

The Exilva project is Borregaard’s set-up and running of the first industrial scale plant for producing Microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) in addition to develop advance market segments for the use of this product. It is funded under the BBI JU program of EUs Horizon 2020 effort.
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Exilva in January issue of International Paper Board Industry magazine

By showing great benefits to starch adhesives in the corrugated board industry, an article about Exilva has been included in the January issue of the International Paper Board Industry (IPBI) magazine. Key benefits are enhanced bonding effects, increased speed on complex qualities and warp improvement. Read the full article here.
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