Metalworking Fluids and Industrial Lubricants

Borregaard offers unique bio-based emulsion stabilisers for metalworking fluids and Extreme Pressure (EP) or Anti-wear (AW) additivation for lubricating greases.

Borregaard’s bio-based and sustainable EP and AW additives for industrial lubricants and greases improve load-bearing properties and reduce wear in light- and heavy-duty applications. The biopolymer molecules adsorb to metal surfaces and separate the contact surfaces by steric hindrance and electrostatic repulsion.

They can substitute solid and liquid additives like graphite, molybdenum bisulfide (MoS2), Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and others.

Our additives are biopolymers derived from renewable sources. They are non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-bioaccumulative. Hence they comply with the EU ECO label requirements allowing for additive dosage of up to 15% for greases.

Our emulsion stabilisers prevent the formed oil droplets in metalworking fluids from coalescing. This is achieved by three different mechanisms:

  • Introduction of an electrokinetic charge at the oil/water interface
  • Formation of a semi-rigid interfacial film at the interface
  • Steric interactions between molecules

Common benefits are:

  • Versatility - high adsorption affinity for a wide range of hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials.
  • Stability - tolerant to mechanical stress, temperature fluctuations, pH and electrolyte contamination.
  • Sustainable - 100% bio-based from renewable sources.
  • Safe - REACH exempt, certified in several FDA applications for food contact.

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