Gypsum Board Additives

Borregaard is a leading supplier of sustainable biopolymers to the gypsum board industry. We strive to improve our customers’ production performance and support their strategies to contribute to a safer and more sustainable environment.

We offer a standard range (BorreGYP, Borresperse®) and a superior range (Ultrazine®) of lignosulfonates for this application. Our products can be used as high-performance water reducers/fluidisers to produce formaldehyde-free plasterboards with both natural and synthetic gypsum. Additionally, they are preferred additives for ball mill accelerators (BMA) and heat-resistant accelerators (HRA) and help enhance production efficiency.

Our biopolymers are based on lignin, the natural binding agent in trees. They represent an excellent sustainable alternative to synthetic polymers.

Benefits offered:

Water reducer/plasticizer:

  • Sustainable alternative
  • Robust for both natural and synthetic gypsum
  • Compatibility with other additives
  • No significant impact on foaming


  • Improved accelerator efficiency
  • Better hydration control
  • Improved grinding
  • Reduced loss of potency/ageing
  • Increased shelf life


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