BioKeram T

BioKeram T is a biopolymer tailored for extruded ceramic products. It is an innovative solution for challenging extrusions. BioKeram T is a 3-in-1 product: it optimises plasticity, increases strength and improves the drying process by minimising shrinkage and reducing cracks.

BioKeram T improves extrusion, reduces energy consumption and increases production rates. It is particularly efficient for low plasticity clays which require higher amounts of water.

It accomplishes three functions for ceramics extrusion:

  • Clay conditioner
  • Water retention aid
  • Binder

BioKeram T is effective when extrusion is seriously compromised. For example, when using clays with low plasticity/high non-plastic content or very high moisture content.

In these cases, BioKeram T modifies the clay's rheology enabling the correct kneading and extrusion, and controlling the release of water during the drying process.

BioKeram T is predominantly available for customers in Europe - excluding UK. Please contact us to see if this product is available in your country or to discuss alternatives we may have available for you.


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