Corn Field Spray

Liquid Fertilizers and Soluble Concentrates

Borregaard’s bio-based lignosulfonates and cellulose fibrils are wood-based materials that help formulators produce suspensions with high active loading, good suspensibility and long storage stability.

They can be used over a wide pH range, are salt-tolerant and compatible with most other co-formulants used in suspension concentrates and liquid fertilizers.

Ultrazine NA is a lignin-based dispersant enabling high loading while imparting high suspensibility and long-term storage stability. In contrast to synthetic products, it contains only elements beneficial to plant life, including organic carbon, sulphur and carbohydrates.

Greensperse® S9 is a lignin based product that has high electrolyte tolerance for formulations with high ionic strength. Contrary to synthetic products, it contains only elements contributing to plant life, like organic carbon, sulfur and carbohydrates.

Exilva® microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) is an electrolyte tolerant rheology modifier that improves anti-settling properties in suspensions and concentrates. Exilva contributes to longer shelf-life and compatibility.

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