Borregaard Employer Value Proposition


By working for Borregaard, you contribute to sustainable development. Our products are sustainable alternatives to oil-based products, thereby responding to long-term global challenges associated with population growth, access to resources and the impact on the environment and climate. By minimising the footprint that we and our customers leave on the climate and environment, Borregaard contribute to sustainable development that the world needs.

World class industry

Competence is Borregaard’s key competitive advantage and over time we have developed world class industrial expertise . We perform at our best when people from different disciplines are brought together to share their competence, technological knowledge and market understanding. We will provide you with a plethora of opportunities - whether you have leadership ambitions, want to continue developing within your field of expertise, or you want to work at a global level.


Innovation is a top priority for Borregaard and it falls within the scope of the entire organisation. We have a unique and exciting research centre that collaborates with our marketing and production teams. Additionally, we work alongside customers, universities and research institutions in several countries. Partnerships that cross the traditional boundaries not only make us stronger, but also ensure we are better equipped to meet the needs of the future.

Just big enough, just small enough

We value involvement, commitment and initiative from all our employees. Borregaard is large enough to have strong, professional teams with resources in place to ensure long-term focus. Our organisation is small enough to ensure that decision-making paths are short and characterised by a flat structure that means each and every one of us can help to influence with our unique perspectives.

Global and local

Borregaard is a global, stock listed company with headquarters in Norway. Borregaard plays an active role in social development at both a local and national level. With colleagues from 32 nations distributed across 13 countries in Europe, USA and Asia, Borregaard is an exciting enterprise that has developed a market-focused, innovative and flexible corporate culture.