Arturo shapes the future

Arturo Perdomo, Business Development Director

“At Borregaard, I get to shape the future and make a difference,"

Arturo began his career as a chemist in France. 11 years later, he assumed the role of Business Development Director in Norway. 

"I am living proof that one should not confine themselves to working within their formally educated field. Seize the opportunities that come your way and always be open to change," he advises. 

Currently, Arturo is working on finding new applications for Borregaard's existing products. Although his office is located at Borregaard's headquarters in Sarpsborg, Norway, he frequently travels to visit and find solutions for global clients and partners. With a master's degree in organic chemistry, he possesses a unique understanding of the products, processes, and customer needs. 

"Creative thinking and a solution-oriented approach is crucial in my line of work – both qualities align well with my personality," says Arturo enthusiastically. 

Arturo grew up in Venezuela, where he studied chemistry before moving to France to pursue a master's degree in organic chemistry. In 2017, he joined Borregaard as an Area Sales Manager based in Bordeaux, and in 2022, he had the opportunity to be stationed in Sarpsborg. 

"Adapting to a new country and culture naturally takes some time, but I quickly immersed myself in both the working environment and my work tasks. My colleagues have been very supportive, and a significant part of the culture is to uplift each other. We function as a team, working together and helping each other succeed, emphasises the Venezuelan. 

Arturo envisions a long career at Borregaard, but whether it will be in Norway or abroad, only time will tell.