Marius makes things better

The Improvement Engineer Marius (35) constantly pursues enhancements, and he always has a project underway - both at home and at work. 

"Borregaard is a fantastic place to work. I have skilled colleagues around me and a very good social environment," says Marius. 

At 35, he is a prime example of all the opportunities available at Borregaard. He began his career as an Industrial Mechanic Apprentice in 2006. He then obtained a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering . After completing his education, he chose to return to Borregaard, where he landed a job as a Process Owner. 

For a brief period, he tried his luck at another workplace, but it didn't take long before he returned to Borregaard, this time as an Improvement Engineer. 

In his new role, Marius works on implementing various improvement projects at Borregaard's biorefinery in Sarpsborg, with a particular focus on streamlining processes. 

"One of the positive aspects of working at Borregaard is that you never work alone on projects. We typically work in interdisciplinary teams where each individual contributes their expertise and different perspectives. This way, we come up with the best ideas and achieve the best results," emphasises Marius. 

In his spare time, the father of two is rarely idle. There is always a project to start or complete, and he is seldom afraid to take on new tasks. Since 2014, he has renovated and sold three houses, but he assures us that he will stay put now - as soon as the cladding on the garage and conservatory is finished. 

Despite holding both a vocational certificate and a bachelor's degree, Marius never gets enough education. He is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) while being a full-time employee at Borregaard. 

"I am grateful to have an employer who facilitates and supports further education. Therefore, I have great faith that I will succeed," concludes the improvement hunter.