Collaborate on education

Borregaard works closely with schools and educational institutions.

We have established our own Knowledge Plant which functions as both an in-house training centre and as a showroom and venue for school visits. It offers educational programmes that tie in with schools’ curricula, using examples taken from the company. Every year, the Knowledge Plant receives visits from students taking part in educational programmes combining technical training, career advice and a company presentation.

We also contribute to a University Educated Teacher II scheme in chemistry for upper secondary schools in Viken County, where researchers from Borregaard have created a company-related teaching plan in chemistry.

Every year, students from a number of higher education institutions carry out practical tasks and projects or get internships at our company. Borregaard has programmes and instructors for apprenticeship schemes involving cooperation with vocational schools in the region. These schemes provide apprentices with relevant experience to supplement their theoretical training. We also cooperate with several universities in Norway and other countries.