Strong innovation efforts

Strong innovation efforts are one of Borregaard’s strategic priorities. Long-standing research and development have resulted in solutions that respond to important long-term global challenges.

To maintain our position as the world’s most advanced biorefinery, Borregaard is dependent on developing the biorefinery concept by finding new biobased raw materials, as well as new products with high value and good environmental profile.

Borregaard’s innovation success is a result of world class in-house R&D and close co-operation between sales, manufacturing, customers and external institutes and universities in several countries. High focus on continuous improvement leads to better ways of making products through new use of technology, digitalisation, competence development and a more efficient organisation.

We define innovation as a concept which applies to the entire process, from the moment a new idea occurs to the customer’s purchase of a new product with an added value.

15% of our sales comes from new products that we did not have five years ago. Our ambition is to increase further the rate of innovation. We spend around 200 million NOK annually on research and development; this is an effort that has gained recognition and support from the European Union, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council.