Borresperse Paper

Borresperse® Paper is a range of sustainable, bio-based strength enhancer solutions.

They allow you to overcome two of the main challenges of recycled fluted paper production for corrugated board:

  • Poor quality fibre
  • Lightweighting

Borresperse Paper is compatible with your film, pond and spray sizer. It will also improve the paper machine performance and reduce energy consumption when applied as a surface sizing agent.

Borregaard's biopolymers are water-soluble and non-toxic and derived from wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. Borresperse Paper applied to starch for recycled corrugated medium production will provide the following benefits:

  • Increased paper strength
  • Allows for less costly lightweighting
  • Contributes to less demand for expensive imported fibres
  • Reduces steam/energy consumption
  • Allows increased paper machine speed
  • Improves machine runnability
  • Imparts a natural-looking brownish appearance
  • Causes no disturbance to line chemistry
  • Significant improvements to sustainable packaging 


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Customer reference stories

Quotes from our customers:

“Borresperse Paper really helps to enhance the optical properties of film on film press” (Germany)

“We have achieved a homogenous film on film press. Thanks to Borresperse Paper we no longer have stripes on our paper“ (Italy)

“We achieved so much steam energy savings that it covers for approximately 85% of total costs of Borresperse Paper.“ (Germany)

“Since we started using it (Borresperse Paper), we have 31% fewer paper-breaks and improved performance.“ (Germany)

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