Leach Study With Pionera L-800 on Gold Ore

The study was conducted to ascertain the effect of Pionera L-800 on the viscosity, leach kinetics, recovery and reagent consumption of mine leach feed.

The laboratory work showed improved recovery with a corresponding decrease in viscosity at the same density for all the sample types with the addition of Pionera L-800.

The samples were milled with Pionera L800 at 200g/t and 400g/t to 80% passing 75μm at 45%, 50% and 55% solids and leached under the following conditions:

Residence time (h)




Cyanide concentration (ppm)


Carbon concentration(g/l)



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Key takeaways:

  • The leach feed at 45% solids with a head assay of 0.52g/t had an 8% increase in recovery with Pionera L-800 addition, whiles the 50% and 55% solids had 20% and 30% increases in recovery, respectively.
  • Pionera L-800 had no negative effect on the activity of the carbon.
  • The high solids containing ores showed gold recovery increases leading to increased production.

Gold recovery data from bottle roll test with stockpile material, gold head grade = 2gpt and the estimated monthly net income benefit (USD) in increased gold production with the addition of Pionera L-800.

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