Reagents for Mineral Leaching Processes

Pionera® biopolymer reagents increase value and productivity in leaching by improving recovery, throughput and reducing leach time. Pionera biopolymers are non-toxic, easy to handle and have minimal Health, Safety and Environmental issues.

Pionera biopolymers are versatile additives that increase your returns.

Borregaard has devoted considerable research and development effort towards identifying the most suitable biopolymers for use in leaching applications. Evaluations, both internally and externally with consultants and customers, have demonstrated our products’ performance in various ores. These efforts have led to the development of superior natural polymers optimised for performance under various metal recovery conditions.

Proven Benefits:

  • Improved recovery of gold, copper, nickel, zinc, and other metals
  • Reduced leach time
  • Increased throughput and production
  • Less downtime due to fewer maintenance stops
  • Environmental advantages over synthetic reagents.
  • Disperses elemental sulphur
  • Better oxidation
  • Limits scale formation: positive heat transfer is better maintained

Example of recovery improvement of a leach process with different Pionera biopolymers.

Borregaard offers knowledgeable technical assistance to help choose the right Pionera biopolymer for your operation and ore type. Facilities are available for formulation development and product evaluation.

Pionera L800 - viscosity reduction in gold leaching

Performance data

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