BioDrill GreenScav Zn performance – Laboratory data

BioDrill® GreenScav Zn combines zinc (II) with lignosulfonate to provide an efficient H2S scavenger that also aids in dispersion of solids. BioDrill GreenScav Zn is effective at both acidic and alkaline pH and exhibits faster scavenging kinetics in comparison to MEA-Triazine. 

Superior performance of BioDrill GreenScav Zn is observed versus MEA-Triazine as shown in the figure below. Read our technical bulletin to learn more. 

Click here to download our technical bulletin 

Key takeaways: 

  • Efficient H2S scavenger 
  • Superior performance compared with MEA-Triazine 



H2S scavenging with BioDrill GreenScav Zn and MEA triazine in synthetic brine at pH 6 and 55°C. 

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