H2S Scavengers

The BioDrill® GreenScav technology combines metal salts with lignin-based chelating agents to provide completely soluble H2S scavengers for use in most brine and freshwater drilling fluid systems.

The high solubility of GreenScav scavengers improves reaction rate and the metal’s availability, resulting in high H2S scavenging efficiency, aiding dispersion of solids and providing protection against corrosion. Furthermore, rheological problems arising from using insoluble metal salt scavengers are avoided.

The dispersing properties of GreenScav ensure that the insoluble metal sulfide particles formed upon reaction with H2S are efficiently suspended, minimising precipitates and potential negative effects on mud rheology. All our GreenScav products are compliant with REACH regulation.

Our products

BioDrill GreenScav Fe/FeQ

GreenScav Fe contains Fe (II) complexed with lignosulfonate. The presence of lignosulfonate enhances Fe (II) availability in solution to react with H2S, thereby increasing its scavenging efficiency compared to standard iron-based products.

GreenScav FeQ is a pure iron lignosulfonate with quick H2S scavenging kinetics. It is REACH exempt and PLONOR registered.  

BioDrill GreenScav Zn

GreenScav Zn is a water-soluble zinc (II) complex suitable for scavenging H2S in brine and freshwater systems. Zinc-based scavengers function by reacting with H2S to form an extremely insoluble zinc sulfide. Zinc combined with lignosulfonate increases scavenging efficiency. Consequently, GreenScav Zn removes more H2S per ppm zinc than standard zinc-based products and maintains efficiency even at high H2S levels. It also exhibits faster scavenging kinetics in comparison to MEA-Triazine. 


  • Increased efficiency over standard metal-containing products
  • Fully water-soluble
  • REACH compliant

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