Borregaard is a leading supplier of advanced bioethanol for biofuel purposes.

While first-generation ethanol is often based on feedstocks like corn, sugarcane, grain and sugar beet using farmland, second-generation (advanced) bioethanol is derived from residues or waste of non-food crops grown on marginal land unsuitable for food production.

Our bioethanol is derived from Norway Spruce, as a by-product of our cellulose production. This makes our lignocellulosic bioethanol a highly sustainable ethanol alternative.

To put things in perspective:

  • 92% better climate footprint compared to than synthetic ethanol
  • 7 times lower emissions than petroleum based fuel

RED-II, the Clean Energy initiative by the European Commission requires fuel suppliers to supply a minimum of 14% of the energy consumed in road and rail transport by 2030 as renewable energy.  

Borregaard’s advanced bioethanol can help to achieve sustainability goals.

We are ISCC EU, International Sustainability and Carbon Certification for bioethanol certified. Find our  certification here.

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