Pionera biopolymer performance in hard water conditions

Laboratory work demonstrates the superior performance of Pionera biopolymers compared to petrochemical-based products in lime scale inhibition and surfactant detergency

In laboratory work the performance of Borregaard plant-based biopolymers  is compared with polyacrylate (PA) benchmark.

Surface tension was measured under the following experimental conditions: 5mM SDS, 600ppm CaCl2 hardness, 0.1% dispersant LP in water. Interfacial tension measured between mineral oil and water using spinning drop video tensiometer.


Key takeaways:

  • Pionera Biopolymer inhibits calcite scale better than a petrochemical-based polyacrylate
  • Detergency is improved under hard water conditions
  • Pionera biopolymers protect appliances and improve cleaning



Scale inhibition data on glass surfaces

B1 = Standard Lignosulfonate

B2 and B3 = Pionera biopolymers

PA = Polyacrylate



Surface tension data of Pionera biopolymer compared with an anionic surfactant (SDS) in hard water conditions

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