Borregaard biopolymers give better anti-filming according to ASTM D3556-14

Laboratory work following the ASTM D3556-14 standard demonstrates superior anti-filming properties of Borregaard biopolymers compared to petrochemical-based products.

In laboratory work following ASTM D3556-14 the anti-filming properties of a Borregaard plant-based biopolymer is compared with polyacrylate (PA) benchmark. The following film score data was collected


Key takeaways:

  • Pionera Biopolymer gave better anti-filming performance compared to benchmark polyacrylate (PA)
  • Pionera Biopolymer can replace synthetic anti-filming additives (AFA) in auto dishwasher formulations
  • Pionera Biopolymer can be used in combination with synthetic AFA to improve performance


Film score according to ASTM D3556-14 standard for different anti-filming additives

B1 = Pionera Biopolymer


Glass slides used for measuring anti-filming properties


PA = polyacrylate

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