Trial: Pelhesion vs. UF and UF Blend

This pilot plant trial compared Pelhesion, UF, and UF Blend, all at 0.25% addition rate. UF is 100% urea-formaldehyde, while UF Blend is urea-formaldehyde combined with calcium sulphate (gypsum). 

Pelhesion contains half the level of urea-formaldehyde but provided pellet durability similar to UF. Pellet durability with Pelhesion and UF were both superior to that one with UF Blend.

Key takeaways:

  • Pelhesion and UF produced similar pellet durability, even though Pelhesion contains 50% less urea-formaldehyde 
  • Pellet durability with Pelhesion was higher than with UF Blend

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Pellet durability with three binder treatments

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