Soybean Field


SoyPass® is a source of rumen bypass protein produced using high-protein soybean meal and a sustainable source of wood sugar, listed in the EU Catalogue of feed materials.

SoyPass will help increase milk production and/or reduce cost. Substituting 1 kg of soybean meal with 1 kg of SoyPass per cow per day will in many cases result in an additional litre of milk.

The product has:

  • Crude protein from 45% to 46%
  • High bypass protein (RUP) value from 74% to 82% 
  • High degree of digestibility, from 87% to 93% 
  • Palatability equal to regular soybean meal
  • Pleasant colour and aroma

These properties help your dairy nutritionist formulate rations that increase milk production and reduce cost.

Compared to conventional methods for making soy-based bypass products, we use lower temperatures and shorter processing times during manufacturing. Consequently, SoyPass combines high bypass values with excellent digestibility.

Manufacturing follows a proprietary process that doubles or triples the amount of bypass protein in soybean meal. Strict quality control and nutrient testing ensure premium quality and consistency.

In the USA, SoyPass is manufactured and sold by Borregaard USA, Inc. (Nutrient profile of American SoyPass product)

In other regions, SoyPass is produced and sold by carefully selected licensed producers/partners.

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